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Before You Book

How can I specify any special requests/needs?

You may add any special requests/needs at any time:

When making a NEW reservation: There is a 'Special Requirements' box at the bottom of the Traveler Details section of the checkout page.

You may specify any special needs/requests here. This information is delivered straight to the local tour operator.

After a reservation has been confirmed: If you need any special considerations and have already made your reservation, please contact the tour operator directly using the contact information located under the 'Important Info' section on your Ticket.

Before confirming a reservation: If you need to guarantee a special request/need, contact one of our agents who will be happy to assist you with your request.

NOTE: We can’t guarantee all special requests will be able to be fulfilled – but our suppliers do always try their hardest to help!

Are local tour operators provided with my phone number?

When making a reservation, you are asked to provide your phone number. This information is sent over with your reservation to our local operator so they can reach you in case of an emergency.

For this reason, we recommend providing a phone number that you will be able to answer while you’re traveling.

Your address and e-mail address are never provided to the Tour Operator.

TIP: Though your phone number has been given to the Tour Operator, you may still need to reconfirm your tour! Check under the 'Important' section of your Ticket for more details.

What are your ID requirements?

In most cases, only the lead passenger will need their Photo ID. If every passenger in the party requires a separate ticket, each passenger may require their own ID as well.

For security purposes, you will need to have an ID that matches the name you used when you booked your tour.

Children generally do not need a photo ID. Check your ticket details under the 'Important' section to see what may be required.

If you need to change the name on your reservation, click here for instructions.


TIP: Some tours don't permit changes after you've made the reservation. For your peace of mind, be sure the name on your reservation matches the name on your photo ID when you book!

Can I buy an Experience for another person?

Yes – however, we do have some experiences where (for security and fraud purposes) the Credit Card Holder and Lead Traveler name must be the same.

You will get an error at checkout if you attempt to book one of these Experiences for another person.

Unfortunately in these cases, the Lead Traveler would need to book themselves.

Why do I have to provide my weight or age for some tours?
Generally speaking, if a tour operator is asking for your weight or age, it’s to ensure your safety during the tour.

Weight is required for Experiences that have weight restrictions or guidelines (for example helicopter tours, horseback riding, etc.)

Age may be requested for liability or insurance reasons, or to ensure you’re getting the best price.

If you’d like more details on the information being requested, look under the 'Additional Info' section of the Experience.

What does the message ‘This product is currently unavailable’ mean?

While looking through our tours and activities, you may run across some that are not currently available. They will be labeled with a red message that states:


This product is currently unavailable. This could be for reasons including its out of season, currently sold out, or no longer operating.’


There are several reasons you may be seeing this, including (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Seasonal Products: Seasonal products are only available during the appropriate season. These can include such things as fall foliage tours, ski and snowboard activities, northern lights viewing, etc.
  2. Sold Out: Some of our products have very limited availability, so this message may appear once a product is sold out for the near future.
  3. Product not operating: Sometimes this error will appear when the product is no longer operating. This could be temporary, but may also be permanent.

If you do run across this message, you can find similar tours and activities at the bottom of the brochure page, under the header ‘Similar Tours and Activities’ or by selecting the most appropriate category from the list on the left side of the screen.

How can I request to be picked up at my hotel?

Not all of our tours and activities offer hotel pickup. If it is included, it will appear in the 'What to expect' section under 'What's Included' on the tour/activity page.

When making a NEW reservation: Please include your hotel details at the time of booking and the local operator will provide your meeting location and time when you call to reconfirm your booking.

On EXISTING reservations: If you need to update or add hotel details to an existing booking, please contact the local operator directly using the contact information found on your ticket. They will be able to confirm the exact pickup time and location with you directly.

Please note: due to various reasons, not all hotels are eligible for pickup. Be sure to contact the local operator directly to confirm your exact pickup time and location.

Why am I being asked for hotel details?

Many of our tours and activities offer hotel pickup. Please be sure to enter the relevant details when completing your booking. More information can be found here.

Even if your booking doesn’t include Hotel Pickup and Drop-off, the Tour Operator may ask for your details so they can contact you if anything changes regarding your itinerary. (IE: Weather-related issues, mechanical problems, etc.)

If you haven’t selected a hotel yet, just indicate 'TBA' and when you reconfirm your tour, you can let them know where you’ll be staying.

How can I complete my booking if it requires cruise ship details but I am staying locally?

If you are not traveling on a cruise ship, you may be able to find the same – or a very similar tour – that may have a more convenient pickup location for you.

If you are unable to find an alternative, many shore excursions will require you to meet at the cruise ship terminal to take the tour. You may put ‘N/A’ in the cruise ship fields and advise that you will be staying locally under ‘special requirements.’ Be sure to reconfirm directly with the local tour operator, as you may need to go to the Cruise Ship terminal to meet up with the Tour Operator.

Will I be able to join a waiting list if the tour I want is booked?

At this time we are unfortunately not able to offer a waitlist option for any of our tours and activities. If something you’d like to do is unavailable for your travel date, check the site for alternative options. We have several very similar options, especially for our most popular activities!