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Using the Site

What is the best way to find tours and activities on yampugo .com?

With so many amazing activities on yampugo .com, we know it can be tough to choose! Here’s a good way to narrow it down:

Go to our homepage at www.yampugo .com and enter your destination (i.e. Paris, Tokyo, etc.) into the search box. You may also (optionally) add your desired travel date.

From there, you will see the main page for your destination, which features our most popular tours and activities in that location. You can filter available tours by:

  • Dates
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Ratings
  • Deals & Discounts
  • Free Cancellation
  • Likely to Sell Out
  • Skip-The-Line
  • Private Tour
  • YampuGo Exclusive
  • New on YampuGo

You can also use the left navigation bar to narrow down specific types of activities, such as cultural tours, day trips, food tours, kid-friendly tours, etc.

NOTE: All of the activities you see are offered “as is,” which means they can’t be customized. But don’t worry, we have tons of options (and some tours with multiple options!), and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect activity for your trip.

TIP: If you’re making a list of tours to look at later:
  • Be sure to write down the Tour Code - which can be found towards the bottom of the tour information page (in the Questions? section.) When you wish to return to the tour page, you can simply search the tour code.
  • You may also click 'Save to Wishlist' at the top right corner of the product page. This will save the tour/activity to your 'Wishlist,' which is accessible from within your yampugo account.

How does your Worry-Free Guarantee work for Shore Excursions?

YampuGo’s Worry-Free Guarantee works in two ways:

  1. If you (through no fault or action of your own) are not returned to the ship in time to board, we will arrange the necessary transport to the next port-of-call.
    • The policy is void in instances where the delay is caused by your own actions and/or you have deviated from the yampugo activity or tour.
    • You must supply yampugo with correct arrival and departure ship information and ensure there is enough time (minimum 2 hours) between the tour end time and the ship departure time. You must contact yampugo directly to request next port-of-call transportation arrangements as customers cannot book their own travel. yampugo will select and book travel for you to the next port of call (not to exceed US$1,000 per person).
  2. If your ship misses a port of call or is delayed beyond the start time of your covered Worry-free Shore Excursion, you will be due a full refund.
    • Contact yampugo within 14 days of the missed Experience. Pending verification of the ship's actual itinerary, we will issue you a refund.

Please click here for more information on YampuGo's Worry-Free Shore Excursion Guarantee.

Note: This policy only applies to tours marked as having the Worry Free Guarantee. This information can be found under the 'Overview' section.

What is the difference between 'Private,' 'Small-Group' and 'Standard' tours?
  • Private tours will only include the guests in your reservation and the guide/driver. These tours offer the most personalized attention and several will allow you to help control the pace and locations visited during the tour.
  • Small-Group tours provide a more intimate experience while retaining a lower cost. Your party will be traveling together with other guests in the same group, however the total group size will typically remain within the eight to 16 guest range.
  • Standard tours are typically groups of 16 or more guests. Your party will be traveling together with other guests in the same group.

Is my credit card safe?

Your credit card number and personal information are encrypted for transmission using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

yampugo never stores your credit card information and complies with the highest standard of PCI (payment card industry) compliance.

How do I check availability?

You can check availability at any time by selecting your desired date and number of guests and clicking 'Check Availability.'

Some of our Experiences require individual confirmations from our local operator. These options will state: "Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability" under the 'Additional Info' section.

If the tour operator is operating, the date will show available; but we can't guarantee availability until you receive your confirmation e-mail.

TIP: Even though the dates show available, we can never be sure how much availability is left. Always book as soon as possible to lock in your dates!